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Finally finished these and I really couldn’t be happier with them. I took these photos out on the porch but they are now hanging in F’s room and really brighten it up. Aside from one frame of family photos, this is the only real decoration in there.

Detail photos and notes )

Yay, done!
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I finished the tree piece in this set. I might go back and add a little more detail, but I’m not sure, and anyway all the main parts are done.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do the leaves and left them until last. I tried a backstitch, stem stitch, and satin stitch, but none of them had the effect I was going for. I finally decided to just use a plain simple lazy daisy stitch, and it’s perfect.

Here’s a little peek.

Now I’m going to go back to the urn piece to add more detail to the flowers. I don’t want to photograph them in their completed state until they are framed and totally done. Which means I need to get around to painting the frames, too.

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 I have two projects going right now.

Coquille, the little mini mochi shawlette, which I am halfway through.  I picked up a mod idea on Ravelry to keep the corners symmetrical, which is worked at the halfway point, changing the place where you begin decreasing.  I'm decreasing now and I've just joined the 2nd ball of yarn.  The colors are still flowing pretty well, but it bugs me a little that there is no discernible pattern to the color changes.

 Applique embroidery hangings - anyone remember these?  The urn is more or less done, but I may go back and add some more details later.  I've been working on the tree all week.  All the little fruits are now outlined and I am filling in the trunk and branches.  I don't know why I gave up on these.  I guess I just had more exciting stuff going on.  It took me a couple days to get back into the rhythm of this, but now I am enjoying it a lot.

When these are done, I have a few new plans for big exciting projects!  I really want to tie up all my loose ends first, though.  There are actually several things I am eager to work on, but I will try to keep it to only one or two at a time so I don't get overwhelmed.

Urn so far

Jul. 29th, 2010 10:05 am
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The urn so far. 

The design I started with had this odd little stylized filler piece at the base of the stems, but I couldn't figure out how I wanted to embroider it, and when I tried to stick a piece of applique on for it, it looked stupid, so I decided I would leave it off and just extend the stems down.

Well, that made the mass of stems look pretty scraggly, so I added an extra row of stitching on each flower stem to make them thicker.  The leaf stems are still just one row.

Cotton floss has a tendency to float on the surface of the fabric, which is sometimes nice but sometimes annoying.  With stem stitching, it means you see a row of floaty loops when looked at from any angle other than straight-on.  Pulling the floss tight only puckers the fabric.

I solved this by threading the tail through the running stitches (the backs of the stem sts) on the WS for the length of the stems.  This drew up the stitching on the back just enough to snug the cotton down on the RS and make it lie smooth.  Actually, the back looked so nice, too, that I think I will use a laced running stitch on the RS at some point in the future.
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I started my next sweater, Retrograde, last week and I am now about 1.25 balls of yarn (of 11) into it.  It's a top-down round-yoke pullover and it has some interesting cabling which I am enjoying.

The sweater is designed to be reversible, so I am trying to hide my ends neatly.  The yarn is a superwash, so spit-splicing wouldn't work (and I have never had much luck doing that anyway).  When I joined the second ball of yarn, I made a Russain join, but it was hard to make it hold and the very ends made little tufts anyway.  But it was the best I could do, and a few rows later, I went back and sewed down the tiny tufts with a single ply of the yarn (it has 4 plies) that I pulled from a scrap end. It looks almost invisible, certainly better than leaving it alone, and now I plan to sew down the ends on all the upcoming joins with a single ply.

I've also been working on my applique pieces.  I've almost finalized the layout of the tree piece and I have put a couple hours of stitching into the urn piece.  I fused the shapes with paper-backed adhesive web and I am stitching them down with little stitches and all-purpose sewing thread.  Then I'm outlining the shapes with matching pearl cotton in a backstitch.  So far it is looking really nice.
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Finally started on these applique hangings.  Actually, I started working on the design a couple months ago, but only started putting it together a few days ago.  The original designs came from a book of copyright-free folk art.  I took several designs, cut them up, and switched them around until I came up with these.


Nothing is fused yet.  I plan to embroider the details, but I need to find the right colors of floss.  I thought I had them, but now that everything is laid out, they don't look quite right.

I am perfectly happy with the layout of the urn (pink) piece, but I think the tree is missing something.  Maybe it will come together once it is embroidered, but I'm not sure.

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I've been feeling too tired to get much sewing done lately, so during what time I did manage to spend in the sewing room, I ignored my more practical projects (including the dance costumes) and instead played with applique.

How to be a good environmentalist and still keep yogurt residue off your new silk?  Make a re-usable shopping bag only for fiber stuff, and label it as such.

I used wonder-under fusible web, cut most of the letters freehand, and then used the machine applique stitch to secure them down.  I was particularly pleased with my ampersand.  It's one of those things that even though I know what it looks like, I couldn't draw one to save my life, so I looked at a picture in the dictionary while I cut it.

mmm. . . ampersand-y )

The orange part is linen, the green is raw silk, and I lined the thing with white broadcloth.  Super fun crafty time!

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Finished the bird purse yesterday.

I made it just like the tree purse, with heavy peltex interfacing and seam allowances bound in self-bias tape.  I interlined the flap with some fusible horsehair canvas that I had laying around.

I lined it in the same fabric I used for the bird appliques.  The print has flowers, birds, and dragonflies.

This is the completed purse body (still inside-out) and the flap.  The print is too busy to really tell, but there is a big pocket there in the lining, and also I added a little loop from which to hang my pocketwatch.  

I like it well enough.  I wish the opening would hang a little differently, but that's a minor detail.  I'm glad I have something more summery now; the wool purse is so wintery.  Mostly I am glad I'm done, because sewing those corners with all those layers is a bit tricky and annoying.

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I finished working the two little birds for a new purse I'm making.

This is just before blocking, so it's still a bit lumpy and you can see the washable marker lines.  The birds are done in applique with embroidered details.  I love the way they turned out, they look like little paisley motifs!

The ground fabric is a strech cotton sateen; I was a bit concerned about the stretch, but I really liked the color.  It hasn't been a problem, though!

I used 2 strands of plain ol' DMC cotton floss for all the embroidery.

Today, I'll sew the purse!


Sep. 19th, 2007 01:47 pm
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I finished the koi quilt last week. Here it is!

finishedkoiquilt006.jpg koi quilt and me 2 picture by ashamanjababu 

quilt detail photos ) 

I finished my little knitted hat a couple days ago. It still needs a button and I need to weave in the yarn ends, but the knitting part is done!

bluehat001.jpg blue hat 1 picture by ashamanjababu 

I look way dorkier than the woman in the pattern, but of course, that's to be expected.

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Ok, everyone, I need some help and opinions please!  The border: yes or no?

border.jpg koi quilt top w/ border fabric picture by ashamanjababu     

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Here it is:

koiquilttopfinished.jpg koi quilt top 8 30 07 picture by ashamanjababu

I think the fish might look just a bit too cartoonish, but I like them anyway!  They'll get a bit more detail when I do the quilting.  I had such fun making them - it isn't often that I get to cut out bright orange happy fish and sew them to things! (Maybe I should change that.)  I used little scraps of Wonder-Under fusible web to fix the appliques in place before I sewed them.  I was worried they would shift and get wrinkly if I just pinned them, especially the weeds.  

Now I'm debating whether or not to add the border.  After I figure that out, it's on to quilting!  

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